Nescafe Red Mug

Our company has supplied Nestle with branded, globally recognized Nescafe Red Mug for several years. We used patterns that identify Nescafe brand and implemented various designs with decal method for each mug case. Our designers modified mug sizes, tried different methods of design application and developed various sets of promotional products for Nescafe campaign objectives.

We reckon that each family in Russia has at least 2 Nescafe Red Mugs at their kitchen, manufactured and supplied by the Clever House Company.


Challenge : to develop a Gift box for Nescafe brand that would differentiate the product on the store from other coffee boxes. This was very interesting request and our team developed this project from idea to implementation. Package design and production, supply and logistics. We are very proud with this project : tin box for sifting and storing coffee. The image continuously passes from one side of the box into another smoothly revealing a short romantic story and inveigling the contents of the box with its misty mood, adding its charm and new taste to the product. There is also a dessert spoon held in a special socket on the box by small magnets.